Energy Performance Certificates 

Energy Performance Certificates are special documents providing ratings scheme which compares your home's energy efficiency with the recommendable rates assuming from current carbon dioxide emissions and current energy efficiency of your property.
In order to be measured current energy efficiency of your home a special EPC report should be made either by certified inventory clerks or by quality inventory company. Those reports are essential for every property as a higher energy efficiency rating is making it more attractive for rent or for sale, furthermore they allow property owners to apply for energy efficiently grants in order improve energy efficient index of their properties. 
Once EPC report is done it will include information of current energy efficiency and carbon emissions of your home including charts for all the tested appliances. In addition there will be included also couple of suggestions of how to improve your property's  current energy efficiency and carbon emissions and what will be the effect on the energy efficient rating of your home. Also a special section with the possible savings which could be achieved per year after all the recommendations will be fulfilled should also take place in the EPC report. 
Thus EPC reports should be provided when a property is rented out or for sale better refer to certified inventory clerk or inventory company that can make such for you. Also note that once issued Energy Performance Certificate is valid for 10 years which could save you a lot of issues if you are planing to rent your property for a long term.